January 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

Yes, another idea taken from that P site. You would think that all I do is browse Pinterest all day long but that isn't the case. When I logged in last week, I hadn't been on the site in close to a month. I know. How ever did I survive!

This one was easy and I didn't need instructions. I think the photo is self-explanatory.

1.  Buy a wreath. A styrofoam wreath would work best for this project. I used stryofoam flat wreath - so it was curved like a normal wreath on one side but flat on the back side.

2.  Choose your yarn. Whatever color suites the idea floating around in your head! Begin wrapping your wreath. This is somewhat time consuming but easily completed while you are watching mindless Sunday afternoon TV.

3.  My hearts are cut from felt and I traced a heart cookie cutter to make sure they were all the same size.

4.  Place the hearts where you want them on the wreath and add more criss-crossed yarn. This part was a bit tricky. I cut a really long piece of yarn and began criss-crossing it clockwise around the wreath and then back counterclockwise and tied it off when I was finished.

5.  Hang your wreath in the desired location. Done!


Wreath $6.99 ... but used a 40% off coupon
Yarn $4.99 ... plenty leftover for another project. I could have used a cheaper yarn that was on sale but the gray was too dark for my taste.
2 pieces of felt ... 75 cents.

Total: $9.93

p.s. Firefox to the rescue!!

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