January 24, 2013

Pancake Donuts

Once in awhile I have a good idea and while experimenting with a few donut recipes (still haven't found the right one!) I happen to think huh, I bet you could use pancake batter to make pancake donuts and guess what? It works!

I followed the directions on the box to make normal pancakes but just poured the batter into my donut maker. After two minutes (yes, they cook that quick), I flipped them over so the tops would brown a bit as well.


Son #2 approved

Son #1 wouldn't try them ... to explain him, it's a very long blog post ... one day

Warning: these are addictive little suckers and they are good for dipping too!

I used all the batter and threw the extra donuts in the freezer. I hope they microwave well!

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