January 28, 2013

My Firstborn ~ Part 2

At first, eating cereal went well. He loved it. I would add a small amount of applesauce to add some flavor and he would gobble it up. He was already sleeping through the night before we started the cereal  ... everything was great. I slowly began introducing vegetables and other fruits to his diet. He instantly shunned all the green veggies. Not unusual, of course, but I still managed to get him to eat it. By the time he was 7 months old, I had to start tricking him to get the vegetables into him, by adding a small amount of a green veggies into the sweet potatoes or carrots.  He began refusing rice cereal so I tried barley and oatmeal. He wouldn't eat it.

When I say he refused, he refused. Flat out shut his mouth and turned his head. Or cried or did all three. So I would take him out of his chair and try again at the next meal ... same thing. Over and over and over. He would not eat baby food!

By 8 months old, I was introducing table food. But he wouldn't eat most of what I put in front of him. He would try it (I always let him feed himself - and I helped when necessary) but spit most of it out. So we'd clean him up and meal time was over until the next meal. Lather, rinse, repeat. Every meal time was the same.

The pediatrician was no help, giving me the standard "kids are picky" and "sometimes you have to introdcue a food up to 10 times before they will eat it" lines ... which both may very well be true for some kids, but this did not describe my son.

By 11 months old I was so desperate to find a meal he would eat, I put the phone on the counter, a bottle of benadryl, and handed him a cut-up peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He ate it like he hadn't eaten in a year. And thankfully, he did not have a peanut allergy. For the next 4 years, he ate at least one or two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day....

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