January 23, 2013

I Hate Wallpaper

Saying I hate wallpaper doesn't exactly describe my feelings for wallpaper. I despise it. Abhor it. I absolutely hate wallpaper. While I can slighlty appreciate it's value in a home, I do not like it in my home at all. And I always seem to get the home where I have to remove it. I hate nothing more than removing wallpaper. It's time consuming and messy and you ruin the walls in the process of trying to get it off no matter what you do.

I *hate* wallpaper.

In my 1st home, an older home, there was wallpaper everywhere. I think at some point in the 1970's if you didn't wallpaper your house you must have been threatened with jail time. And there isn't just one layer of wallpaper, there are multiple layers of wallpaper. For that I think there should be jail time! We had such a difficult time trying to remove the wallpaper from the walls in that kitchen we ended up painting over the wallpaper. We discovered the wallpaper had been papered directly to the drywall. No primer - no paint - no nothing. Glued right to the drywall. An absolute n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e to deal with. Every since that experience, I twitch when I see wallpaper.

When we were househunting for our second home, I can tell you that we walked out of at least 5-10 homes that were littered with wallpaper, despite the protests of our realtor. I don't care what she said, I was NOT going to deal with that again.  The house we ended up buying had wallpaper in 3 rooms:

1.  Son #1's bedroom - pinstriped wallpaper 1/2 way down the wall with a saiboat border ... but at least it wasn't floor to ceiling wallpaper.

2.  Boy's bathroom - lighthouse wallpaper border around the top of the walls.

3.  Powder Room (1/2 bath) - floor to ceiling (ugly!) wallpaper with a border around the top - awesomeness.

This amount of wallpaper I could deal with since it wasn't in the main living areas ... but why do people wallpaper bathrooms? It's the absolute worst place to put wallpaper!

This past fall marks 4 years since we moved in and I can proudly say my son's bedroom and the boy's bathroom are wallpaper free. But the powder room still haunts me. I actually started ripping down the wallpaper last May (and I may have blogged about it) but summer came, the puppy arrived, then vacation, then football, and then the holidays ... where does time go?

I am now officially sick of seeing the powder room in it's current state and I started the process of removing the remaining ******* wallpaper again.  I'm very thankful the wallpaper is coming down with minimal effort and damage, but it's still time consuming and messy. I hope to have the room done (at least re-painted) before my son's birthday at the end of next month. I hope.  We will be changing out the light fixture, the counter top, the medicine cabinet (why is there one in a powder room anyway?) and possibly the toilet. So yeah, almost a complete remodel I suppose!  I'd rather skip to the fun part of painting and decorating!

My house was built in 1990 and this was the best wallpaper they could find?! I call it the Aztec Brush Stroke Mess of mauve, sea foam green, and a dark brown/pink color with a speckled tan/off-white background ... or we can just go with butt ugly.

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