January 3, 2013

Gunner's Gift

Or maybe it's our gift to Gunner? Or a gift to ourselves?  The puppy has officially been enrolled into boot camp, oh, I mean dog training. But not just any dog training. He is being trained by a K9 dog trainer and I swear he's a dog whisperer.

On the day we met him to check out one of his classes, he took Gunner on the leash and walked in a circle with him a few times ... next thing we know, he had Gunner sitting, unleashed, in the middle of yard while 5 dogs circled him and Gunner did. not. move.  This all happened in under 5 minutes. It was unbelievable!

It's safe to say we signed up right after that. It's not cheap but will be well worth the money in the end!

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