December 7, 2012


I used to make crafty projects all the time. Then I had kids. I've spent the last ten years keeping them fed, busy, and my house clean so crafting took the very last seat in the back of the bus. Now that they are getting older, I find myself with more free time. I seriously can't believe I just typed that - free time!  It's true. These days, they are all about playing with friends and destroying the front lawn with their pick-up football games. A small price to pay to get them to break from the electronics!

When you walk around AC Moore aimlessly with your sister, this is what happens ... you see cute, easy projects that suck you in and before you realize what happened, you have all the supplies in your cart and you're checking out at the register.

Cute, right? All you need is a glass block/cube, the vinyl decal, a small string of lights (the lights go inside the cube), some ribbon, and maybe some bells and glitter glue.  If you look closely, you'll see the glitter glue was dotted in the word Santa and in the little stars on the decal. I didn't decorate the perimeter of the cube with green paint like they did but I did choose ribobn I liked and added the jingle bells.  The store offered a few other holiday themed decals but I really like this one.

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