December 5, 2012

Over It

This past weekend finally brought an end to our football season. My youngest son was invited to play on the All Star team and the game was on Saturday. It was a beautiful day! I was very pleased with how diplomatic they were in making sure each child on the team got equal playing time. Our division won the game 26-0!

With all the drama this season brought and our impending switch to another league, I decided to un-friend 4 out of 5 moms I had accepted friend requests from over the past year at the end of the season. I did that about a month ago.  The reality is, they weren't a friend and never commented or acknowledge anything I put on Facebook. So what was the point? Plus, I didn't like the idea of them having access to my information and I wasn't going to let them "spy" on me and my family, if they would be inclinded to do that.

So fast-forward to the game ... I walk past one of the unfriended mom's and I say "Hi' to her and she doesn't even acknowledge me. Really? Seriously? Are we in 5th grade? I've never had words with this mother. In fact, I think I can count on one hand how many conversations we've ever had. At first it didn't dawn on me why she was so rude - and then I remember the unfriending ... honestly, I didn't even think she'd notice!

Why are women so difficult? I'm almost 40 years old and I still don't understand female relationships. The good news is that with age, comes less caring and tolerance of the BS. I'm over it!

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