December 11, 2012

Bacon, Basements & Baking

The weekend was very productive. I'm not sure what came over me but I was a woman on a mission.  Our spare bedroom has long been a dumping ground for clothes that no longer fit and the pile of random crap on top of my scrapbooking desk was getting out of control and stifling my creativity! So I took charge and cleaned it all up. Rearranged a few things too, in hopes of making this room more "me" soon.

Cleaning up this room enabled me to tentatively make it a wrapping station for all things Christmas. Everything I have purchased so far is wrapped and ready to go. And the crazy thing? It was only Saturday!

Sunday morning after making breakfast (hello bacon!), I wouldn't let the boys leave the house until we did a basement sweep. It only took an hour but order has been restored and the dead bugs have been vacuumed up.

*Mental Note: Call an exterminator!*

I wish we had the money to finish our basement. That's really the only thing that's missing from our home ... but we make do and have various rug remants down there to make it more cozy - as cozy as it can be with cinder block walls!  I've thought about trying to suspend cheap long curtains (or maybe even flat sheets?) to give it a more finished look.  But I have no idea how I would do it .. maybe I should google. I'm sure someone somewhere has done this in their unfinished basement.

I also managed to find time to bake a batch of butter cookies to try a new recipe I had scribbled down, probably a year ago. Finally, a recipe that will press through my cookie press the right way! The cookies are good. They should be with a whole freaking pound of butter in the recipe! But even still, something is missing ... it's still not the taste I'm looking for.

Sunday night we went out to dinner to a local, but really good, diner. I know, how rare ... a diner that serves good food! It had been awhile since we've been there and it was really nice to sit down and enjoy a meal with my family.

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