November 16, 2012

The Grades Are In

The first marking period ended about two weeks ago but our district waits until the week of parent-teacher conferences before handing out the report cards. Remember the grades contract we all signed at the beginning of the school year? Well, I'm now poor.

Son #1 (5th grade) received 2 A's and 3 B's ... so I owe him $35.

Son #2 (3rd grade) received all A's ... so I owe him $50.

A small price to pay for rewarding good work!

Both teachers had nothing but nice things to say about my boys, which is always a nice thing for a parent to hear. I guess we're doing something right, huh?

My older son has some conflicting standardized testing scores that we are all trying to figure out, teachers included. One test is putting him on the reading cmprehension level of a 7th/8th grader while another scored him in the "below average" bracket, thus making him eligible for extra help. Meanwhile, he's getting A's and B's on his schoolwork and not showing any signs of trouble with his schoolwork. It makes no sense! 

We collectively decided that he must have had a bad day when the test was administered last Spring. Seems fair to me, given all the other evidence.  For now, he's been placed on a watch & see list.

This school year I've tried to have more of a hands off approach to their homework to make them be more independent. Afterall, I'm not with them in school to help throughout the day.  My younger son still needs some help with certain assignments, but overall both are completing their homework without my help. For me, it's hard to find that balance between helping too much and letting them do things on their own.  I like to be involved.  But I'm working it. I fully realize I'm not doing the world any favors by hand-holding them through life. I can deny it all I want but soon they won't even want me around!

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