November 6, 2012

No School November

This week marks the beginning of No School November in the state of NJ. I really despise the month of November for this reason.  And since the NJ Teacher Convention was canceled this year due to effects of Sandy, I think the kids should have school this Thursday and Friday since they will need to make up the two days they missed last week. Our school district decided not to alter the school calendar because it would "be disruptive to the academic process."  Their words, not mine. Seriously? Hurricane Sandy wasn't disruptive enough?

So this week - no school Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Next week - half days ALL week to accomodate teacher conferences. Keep in mind, there are only 18 kids in my son's class. It does not take a week of half days to accomodate 18 parent-teacher conferences when you have evening appointments available as well.

And then the following week is Thanksgiving.

I'm so not ready for Christmas.

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