November 2, 2012

NJ Now

I'm finding it diificult to think about blogging while so much sadness is happening in my home state.  I've lived here my entire life and nothing like this has ever happened during my lifetime.  The pictures, the stories .... it's all so heartbreaking.  I can't even turn on the TV without seeing and hearing about it 24/7.  I'm lucky to not be actually living it.

I know our beach towns will recover but it will take a very long time.  New Orleans,  seven years later, still isn't the same.  My good friend lost her home and everything in it during Katrina. I still can't watch anything about that tragedy without crying because I am reminded of every thing my friend lost that day and what she dealt with for years afterwards.  The pictures she has of the contents of her home just utterly destroyed and covered in mold are unbelievable.

And now many people along the eastern seaboard are facing the same reality. Now there's word of another storm headed our way. Seriously? Please God, make it turn right and head out into the middle of the ocean. We've had enough.

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