November 20, 2012

Just "Off"

Every have a day when everything seems to go wrong?  That describes what Sunday was for me. I started off the day by falling down the steps with a big basket of dirty laundry. Had there been a camera on me, it was probably really funny to see me fall admist a cloud of laundry falling all around me. I'm okay but bruised my elbow pretty good and got a rug burn on my leg.

After that I went to the grocery store.  You cannot pay me to go back there until after Thanksgiving.

Then I attempted to bake cookies using a new spritz cookie recipe a friend recommended and use my Pampered Chef cookie press to make cute pumpkin cookies. This cookie press and I have been fighting the past few years. I can't seem to find the right recipe that will actually press through  the dumb thing! I consider myself a decent baker too, which  is why this is so frustrating to me. Another fail. And the cookies tasted  bad so I threw them away.

I really should have just thrown in the towel and went to bed or sat on the couch the rest of the day ... but no, it's the weekend, I must be productive so I decided to take down and wash the curtains that hang above our sliding glass door.

THEY SHRUNK. But worse than that? The curtain shrank but the white liner DID NOT SHRINK. So now the liner is hanging a good 4 inches below the tan curtain. These were not cheap curtains!! I was f.u.m.i.n.g!! I still am.

I did manage to get a decent shot of the boys and the dog for our Christmas card and saved $51 on my order from Shutterfly ... so hey, something positive to focus on!

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