November 29, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Just over a week ago I didn't have any shopping done at all. I didn't even have any ideas what to buy anyone on our list. As Thanksgiving got closer and closer, I started to panic. What am I going to buy my children!  They don't have everything, at least I don't think so ... but they are getting to that age where toys don't interest them. They got ipods for Christmas last year. We don't need a tablet computer. Laptops aren't happening until they are in high school. If I see one more Nerf gun or Lego set enter my house, I may go insane.

I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Video games and itunes giftcards. That's about all that was on the list. There is more to life than gaming, right? Please tell me there is!

It's safe to say they will be getting a few things they didn't ask for ... like the Under Armour hoodies I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $20 each, a pogo stick, and a sling shot toy that I will likely live to regret buying.  And yes, I'm feeding into the gaming by purchasing a new game and two gaming chairs. At least they will be comfortable while they rot their brains.

I did purchase myself a gift this week ... I'm now a Birchbox subscriber!  I am so excited to be receiving FUN mail once a month for the next year. I will definitely be sharing what arrives in the box each month so be sure to look for a post about that soon.  If you are looking for a different gift to give someone this year, this might be the way to go. You can buy a 6 month gift subscription for just $60. So each month, for 6 months, the recipient will receive a box of beauty samples in the mail ... fun, right? I think so!

If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox, please click here:

Happy Shopping!

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