November 13, 2012

Alive & Well

I defer to No School November to explain my absence. It was a nice mini vacation even if I didn't go anywhere!  I did watch a movie - in the middle of the day! - while sipping hot tea and wrapped in a fuzzy warm fleece blanket. It was almost like heaven.

On Friday we had new furniture family room furniture delivered.

On Friday night the boys both had separate parties to attend.

On Saturday we took the boys to a Villanova College football game. They won!

On Saturday night I took my 15 year old sister-in-law shopping for a homecoming dress. That took HOURS.

On Sunday I celebrated the return of warm weather with a long bike ride and then we watched the Cowboys spank the Eagles. It was like Christmas on my TV!  Thank you, Tony Romo. This season has pretty much sucked so far but as long as you beat the Eagles, I can live with that.

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