October 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

~ 5th Grade Camp was a big success. He had a great time. He didn't starve. Nor did he shower ... but hey, he brushed his teeth each night!

~ My mother moved to a new apartment over the weekend. She has moved 6 times in the last 8 years. I asked if she's done now because we are done moving her. She has so much crap - it's bordering on hoarding. She still lives like she lives in a 4 bedroom house.

~ Why does she move so much? Well, she finds the smallest issues with a place and blows the issues out of proportion. The reason for the latest move? At the old apartment building, there wasn't air conditioning in the hallways. Seriously.  We live in NJ not the deep south!

~ With this last move, she gave my brother a garment bag with a note attached to it.  The notes says,

"Bury me in this dress 
Love, Mom" 

After reading the note, my brother asked her, "How long do we have to wait?"  Love him!! 

~ My mom turns 66 this year. She's in good health but I think she might be crazy. I know she drives us crazy!

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