October 23, 2012

We Have Ears - Again

German Shepherds are known for their large ears standing at attention all the time. Those ears are naturally supposed to stand up, usually by the time the pup is about 4 months old. But they can go up and down during this time while the puppy is teething.  Gunner's ears were both up for a short period of time but then one went floppy.  We contacted the breeder and she linked us to a few sites that had suggestions on how to help get that ear up.

We decided to glue it. It was that or tape and he recently had an annoying infection in his ears so the tape and the moisture it would trap underneath it didn't seem like a good option for him.  The Tear Mender glue is supposed to hold for about a month and then should just naturally wear off.

It only took Gunner a week to get his ears apart. But it worked!

You have to admit, he's a handsome boy at only 6 months old. Let's hope that ear stays up because I don't want to glue it again. We haven't figured out how to get the residual glue off ... hoping that time, a little bit of baby oil, and gentle snipping will take care of it!

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