October 3, 2012

To the Vet - Again.

Dog ownership is fun!

The puppy has a yeast infection in both ears.  It smells nasty and he keeps flipping his head all over the place.  Poor guy.  Now I have the pleasure of squirting cream in his ears twice a day for the next two weeks.  If it doesn't clear up, we will have to start looking for the cause. It could just be an annoying thing that will pop up every so often or he could have a food allergy.  So let's hope it clear up!

The only fun thing about going to the vet is seeing how much he weight he's gained since his last visit about a month ago.  He gained 20lbs IN A MONTH. Dude!  He now weighs 65lbs at just over 5 months of age.

While we were sitting in the waiting room, another patron was gushing over Gunner and how beautiful he is. And as usual, people are always shocked when I tell them his age. And then she said,

"Did you want an elephant?"

That was funny. No, I didn't particularly want an elephant but a dog is not a dog to my husband unless it weighs 100lbs or more. No doubt he will surpass that goal!

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