October 9, 2012

The Awesome Snackadium

Are you familiar with a Snackadium? No? Well, let me show you what my version looked like:

It was party time over at my house this past weekend. And in my never ending quest to do something fun while simultaneously making my sister-in-laws mad at me, I constructed this beauty.

Everyone loved it. Many versions of this show cut up hot dogs to simulate football players on the field but I ran out of time and decided to leave them off.  No one missed them.

The field goals are yellow straws with a wooden skewer glued in with a dab of hot glue and then stuck into a thick square of cheese to make sure they stand up - and they did! Never fell over.

I used salsa, ranch dip (with a dab of green coloring gel or you could use guacamole) and cheese dip as the field. Sour cream was used to created the lines on the field.

One long loaf of italian bread was used as the barrier, secured together with toothpicks. Then it was simply filled with a variety of snacks. Easy, right?

Easy. And a great table centerpiece for any football party.

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