October 2, 2012

Science Project

After a weekend of football, many drinks with friends to celebrate our anniversary, and two birthday parties, I also had to squeeze in time to help my 3rd grader with a science project. Yipee! I love projects. They are my favorite.

They are studying the solar system during science class so it just screams "project"!

Because I knew we were short on time, we googled to see how we could make this as easy as possible and discovered that yes, you can make the solar system out of candy.  Candy is right up my kid's alley so I figured why not.  We went shopping at the Dollar Store for our supplies.

First we found a shoe box and painted the inside withe black acrylic paint.  Two coats did the job.  The "sun" already came with a black elastic cord attached to it so it made the perfect sun!

Because I'm lazy, I didn't take pictures at every step of the way. I was even burned during the process ... but here is our result:

The details:

Each child had to pick a planet to report about. My son picked Mercury so we also hung Mercury, an orange jujubee, and the rest of the planets were glued to the back of the box.

Venus = a mini nonperil
Earth & Mars = m&ms
Astroid belt - rainbow jimmies (should have used white glue instead of a glue stick but it worked)
Jupiter = puff mint
Saturn = yellow gumball with a gummie life saver glued around it
Uranus = green jujubee
Neptune = blue sour gummy
Pluto = purple nerd (might be hard to see)

Then we poked small holes through the back of the box to let light in which represent stars. Total time to complete this project, along with the written portion, was about 2 hours. Not bad.

You want to know how I was burned?  Son decided to mess with the hot glue gun even though I told him twice to leave it alone, don't put another stick in ... and as those words are coming out of the my mouth for the second time, glue is squirting out of the gun. So it was grab at the glue or the hot glue lands on his leg. I took one for the team.  My middle finger/palm on my right hand was burned pretty good.  I may have cursed, loud. It really hurt!!

Project #1 of the school year is complete!

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