October 31, 2012

Returning to Normal

Well, Hurricane Sandy was quite the cranky bitch. I'm very thankful that our home did not suffer any damage and did not lose power during or after the storm. I suppose having underground wiring is a big plus in situations like this. However, our beloved shore towns have been utterly battered. The pictures and news reports coming out of the damaged areas are heart breaking.  I have a few friends who own property at the shore and they are hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

During the height of the storm, the boys were playing in the kitchen with the dog and Gunner jump up and pushed my younger son right into the corner of the counter, splitting open his eyebrow. Did I mention I didn't have a car at the time? I quickly texted my neighbor who is a nurse to see if she was home - she was - so she came over to take a look.  He did likely need a stitch but we decided the "trauma" of getting one stitch wasn't worth it and used steri-strips instead.  It turned out to be a great decision. The cut looks great! We are also treating it with Mederma, hoping that will minimize any scarring. Last year he smacked his face into the front door and got a nasty scrape on his cheek that left a tear-mark shape scar on his cheek. It seems to be fading but you can still see it.  I really wish he'd stop scarring his handsome face!

Gunner drove me n.u.t.s. during the storm. He would not go to the bathroom outside, even if I stood out there with him holding a freaking umbrella over his head.  He eventually let loose in the kitchen, first pooping ... and then peed the entire perimeter of my kitchen not 10 minutes after I cleaned up the poop.  Then I drank wine. Lots of wine.

My poor husband had to work during the storm. A police officer's job is never done, you know.  I hope he kept his temper in check last night.  People *love* to call 911 for the most absurd things during storms.  They had someone call 911 and asked if the police would go check on their cat ... yes, this happened and happens frequently.  I was happy to hear his department was handing out $500 tickets to people who were out driving during the storm (for no authorized reason) and got their cars stuck in flood waters. Maybe that will teach them to use some common sense!

School is back in session today but Halloween has been postponed until Saturday. A bit overkill for our neck of the woods but gives us more time to work out the costume situation.

Happy Halloween!

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