October 24, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes

I don't know about your house, in my house, deciding on a Halloween costume is torturous.  My boys really don't enjoy dressing up. But since they both still have Halloween parades at their schools, dressing up is expected.

I do not like spending a lot of money on costumes anymore. When they were younger and I picked the costume, I spent the money. But now I'm older, wiser, and don't want to spend buckets of money on overpriced costumes for what amounts to about 4 hours of wearing the costume.

I'm all about simple costumes. Wordplay costumes are my favorite. Below are some of my favorites:


~ Dress in pink and carry a feather ... You are tickled pink.

~ Attach Smarties candies (w/ the wrapper still intact) to your pants ... You are a smarty pants.

~ Pins socks, dryer sheets, etc to your shirt ... You are static cling.

~ Wear a shirt with a large question mark on it and tape popcorn to it ... You are a pop quiz.

~ Attached a picture of an enlarged quarter to your back ... You are a quarterback (currently trying to convince the 8 yr old to do this since he is, in fact, the quarterback for his football team)

~ Wear rain gear and attached cat and dog stuffed animals to an umbrella ... It's raining cats and dogs.

~ Take a stuffed dog and attached it to a long-sleeved shirt ... You are an attack dog trainer.

~ Dress in a suit and attach legal documents to yourself ... You are a law suit.

~ Carry a toy airplane ... When asked what your are, hold it in your hand and say, "I'm an aircraft carrier."

~ Put a sign on your shirt that says "Go Ceilings!" and carry pom-poms(?) ... You are a Ceiling Fan.

~ Attach a muffin to you hat ... You are the Muffin Man.

~ Wear all white and paint/attach a yellow circle on your stomach then add horns and a pitchfork ... You are a deviled egg.


~ Dress in all black and tie a shot glass around your neck .. You are a shot in the dark.

~ Wear all black and put an enlarged postage stamp on your chest ... You are black mail.

~ Wrap yourself in wrapping paper with a tag that says, "From: God, To: Women" ... You are God's gift to women.

~ Attach sugar-cubes all over yourself ... You are a Sugar-Momma/Daddy.

~ Using a box, cut a hole for your head. Attach a book, tissue box and lamp ... You are a one night stand.

~ Put crosses all over your clothes ... You are a cross dresser

~ Wear an extra-large bra over your clothes. Stuff it with spices ... You are a spice rack. My 2nd Favorite!

~ Attach unlit cigarettes to a hat ... You are a butt-head.

~ Using an empty box of cereal, attacha toy knife and some fake blood ... You are a cereal killer.

~ Wear normal clothes and make a sign that says, "Nudist on Strike!"  MY FAVORITE

~ Wear all white and attach old cups, paper plates crumbled paper to you ... You are white trash.


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