September 27, 2012

Reality TV

Based upon our three years of experience playing football, I firmly believe that reality TV producers are missing out on a definite cash cow ~ let's call it Football Moms.  It would be an epic clash of The Housewive of Wherever meets Dance Moms.  Think about it ... the drama, the back-stabbing, the my-kid-is-better-than-your-kid, the blinged out Mom shirts toting their kid's name and jersey number, and the ass-kissing of the coach so your kid plays a desirable and important position on game day.  There is all of that and more going on in our footall organization.

2 games down, 6 to go.

This season has been eye opening, to say the least.  My husband had words with the Queen Football Mom the other night and I'm really bummed I wasn't there to witness it!  Safe to say she didn't like hearing things she knows is true.  This one woman is the source of 80% of the problems in our organization. She cannot keep her nose out of anything!  People just seem to deal with her because she's been around for so long ... but something is off with her. I felt it when I met her three years ago. 

I'm eagerly waiting the arrival  of November 3rd, the day of our last games.  We will be switching to a new organization next year, hopefully one with fewer "Football Moms."

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