September 11, 2012

Football Ramblings

I fear my blog might turn into a football blog.  If it did, that would be really funny because while my life completely revolves around football right now, my knowledge of the sport is horrible.

I watch and cheer my kids on but I'd be lying if I told you I knew what they were supposed to be doing. Or what position they are playing. Half the time I can't keep track of who has the ball.

Lucky for me, my younger son is playing quarterback. That makes it really easy!

This past Saturday we converged upon a semi-local middle school for annual weigh-in day. Since we play in a weighted league, each player must weigh under a certain amount or they cannot play.  My boys had no issues making weight for their teams but a few boys on my older son's team were taking hot showers and starving themselves last week so they could make weight. Two boys had to strip down to their underwear - but they made it!

It's a crazy process but I'm glad we play in a weighted league. It ensures my 52 pound 7 year old playing on a 70 pound isn't being tackled by a 90 pound monster!

I do worry about my older son though.  Some kids on his team (5th and 6th grade) are already starting to hit puberty so they are packing on the pounds and shooting up in height.  But he is not.  Knowing he had to move up to the 105 pound team this year, I tried so hard to put at least 5 pounds on him this summer but it didn't happen.  He weighed in at 83lbs on Saturday.  The 105 pound team is no joke. But he shows no fear and tackles like a freight train.  That has earned him a starting spot on the varsity team. I am proud of him; I just wish he'd gain some weight!

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