September 14, 2012


I'm considering starting a new website called "" or maybe one called "narcisstic_"  It seems there are no consequences for a coach who regularly screams profanities directed AT children, even though he's required to sign a code of conduct.  I'm required to sign a code of conduct and they would kick my butt off the field in a heartbeat if I were screaming "Stop being a f*ckin' p*ssy and block your guy!" 

Yes, that was said. Repeatedly. To 10 year olds. Nice, huh?

Reporting the coach to the league only resulted in more drama and zero consequences.  I'm beginning to believe there are no good people involved with children's sports anymore.

It's sad and so frustrating.

(p.s.  Please excuse the language. Rest assured, I do not talk this way. I'm glad it's Friday. I need the weekend to wash this week away!)

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