September 25, 2012


It's been three months since we brought Gunner home.  The first month was hard. He was a smallish puppy. Puppies are adorable but needy.  The second month was better. The third month went back to being hard while he was sick but in the end, he's now completely house trained. He's capable of going 8 hours without needing to go outside. That's awesome.

He's picked up some bad habits along the way. He will take cat poop out of the litter box.  Did you know that cat litter sticks to dog's teeth like cement? It does. I had to brush his teeth to get it all out. He also counter surfs. I lost count how many disposable dish rags he has shredded.  He destroyed at least one kitchen area rug.  But I'm very grateful he has not decided to chew furniture.  Overall, he's a great dog - even at just 5 months old.

My older cat plays dead if Gunner comes near her so he'll just take a sniff and move on. She's the smart cat.  The other cat, Tibby, she puts up a fight. She hisses and bats her paws at his face. And now, whenever she's on the other side of the gate, Gunner will mimick her and bat his paw at her. It's hysterical. My husband, however, doesn't find it funny.

If he learns to hiss, we may have a problem.

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