September 12, 2012

Boys Are A Different Breed

I wish I had a dime for every time someone asked me if I was going to have another baby so I could have a little girl. As if I couldn't possibly be happy being a mother to two boys. As if somehow just because I gave birth to two boys that I paid my dues and now deserved a little girl. My mother-in-law, I love her, but she was one of the worst offenders.  I lost count how many times she said, "You need to have a 3rd baby so it will be a girl. I need a granddaughter."   I always countered by saying 2 things:

1.  We will have a 3rd baby if we decide it's right for our family.
2.  The odds are not in my favor of having a girl.

She will still bring it up on occasion, despite the fact that my youngest son will turn 8 in about 3 weeks.  I give any woman out there credit if she choses to start all over again ... but I am not one of them.  I am so far removed from diapers and toddlers and daycare, it isn't even funny.  All of my sister-in-laws (3 of them) still have babies and/or children under the age of 4 and while I love my nieces and nephews to pieces, I have zero desire to have one of them in my house full time.  I guess that's when you know you're done, huh?!

I was never so happy when my husband's sister gave birth to a little girl so my mother-in-law would leave me alone!

Boys are all I know.  I get them, for the most part. Little girls scare the heck out of me.  And since I don't have a good relationship with my own mother, I think I'm better off with boys. I was definitely meant to be a mom of only boys.  And that's okay, it really is!

When I was home last week, I made time to throughly clean the boy's bedrooms. Son #1 is verging on being a slob and a pack rat.  Son #2 doesn't enjoy spending time in his room so his room is always neat.

Son #1 likes to play in his room at night when he's supposed to be sleeping:

He even used thumb tacks to secure the ninja turtle to the floor. Hard to tell who's really in trouble here. But since Shaggy is headless and the ninja turtle is holding a sword in a threatening manner, my guess would be the turtle. Poor Shaggy.

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