September 29, 2012

12 Years of Marriage

On a beautiful, crisp, fall day twelve years ago I married my husband. It was a fanstastic day, filled with many laughs and lots of family and friends. In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that I was running around making sure all the wedding day plans were finalized but in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago. I guess 2 kids, 2 houses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 full time jobs will do that to you!

Seems like two is our number, huh?

It's not all unicorns and rainbows, of course. Marriage is hard. We've had a few rough patches over the years but we've remain committed to each other and our family.  In this day and age of quickie divorces, I think that says a lot about both of us.

1995 ~ we started dating

1999 ~ got engaged

2000 ~ bought our 1st house and got married

2002 - our 1st son was born

2004 ~ our 2nd son was born

2008 ~ sold our 1st house and moved into a new one (where I will die and be carried out in a body bag because moving is not fun!)

2010 ~ marks 10 years of marriage (we like to joke that we got married in the year 2000 so it would easy for him to remember how many years we've been married)

September 29, 2012
12 years and going strong

September 28, 2012

Overheard in My Kitchen

Son #1 was working on spelling page for school.  At the bottom, was a list words and he had to pick out the synonym of each word from the word bank.

The word was work.  In the word bank, was the word labor. He looked and looked but couldn't figure out the answer so I finally told him the answer was labor. And he says,

"Wait, I thought labor was when a woman has a baby"

After much laughter from me ... yes, son ... work = labor = having a baby

Happy Friday All!

September 27, 2012

Reality TV

Based upon our three years of experience playing football, I firmly believe that reality TV producers are missing out on a definite cash cow ~ let's call it Football Moms.  It would be an epic clash of The Housewive of Wherever meets Dance Moms.  Think about it ... the drama, the back-stabbing, the my-kid-is-better-than-your-kid, the blinged out Mom shirts toting their kid's name and jersey number, and the ass-kissing of the coach so your kid plays a desirable and important position on game day.  There is all of that and more going on in our footall organization.

2 games down, 6 to go.

This season has been eye opening, to say the least.  My husband had words with the Queen Football Mom the other night and I'm really bummed I wasn't there to witness it!  Safe to say she didn't like hearing things she knows is true.  This one woman is the source of 80% of the problems in our organization. She cannot keep her nose out of anything!  People just seem to deal with her because she's been around for so long ... but something is off with her. I felt it when I met her three years ago. 

I'm eagerly waiting the arrival  of November 3rd, the day of our last games.  We will be switching to a new organization next year, hopefully one with fewer "Football Moms."

September 26, 2012

Lazy People

Every morning on my drive to work I pass this one house. It sat empty for awhile but last fall, someone finally moved in. The house is small with an attached screened-in porch. And on that porch, sits a Christmas tree.  It has been sitting there since last November. It's decorated too.  I hoped that when the stuffed bunny Easter wreath was placed on the screen door, the tree would have disappeared.

Nope. The tree is still there. And so is the Easter wreath.

If you took the time to put these decorations up, why can't you take the time to put them away?

I can't wait to see if they set out Halloween decorations.

September 25, 2012


It's been three months since we brought Gunner home.  The first month was hard. He was a smallish puppy. Puppies are adorable but needy.  The second month was better. The third month went back to being hard while he was sick but in the end, he's now completely house trained. He's capable of going 8 hours without needing to go outside. That's awesome.

He's picked up some bad habits along the way. He will take cat poop out of the litter box.  Did you know that cat litter sticks to dog's teeth like cement? It does. I had to brush his teeth to get it all out. He also counter surfs. I lost count how many disposable dish rags he has shredded.  He destroyed at least one kitchen area rug.  But I'm very grateful he has not decided to chew furniture.  Overall, he's a great dog - even at just 5 months old.

My older cat plays dead if Gunner comes near her so he'll just take a sniff and move on. She's the smart cat.  The other cat, Tibby, she puts up a fight. She hisses and bats her paws at his face. And now, whenever she's on the other side of the gate, Gunner will mimick her and bat his paw at her. It's hysterical. My husband, however, doesn't find it funny.

If he learns to hiss, we may have a problem.

September 24, 2012

Monday Musings

~ Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the pigsty that was my house. I even rearranged the furniture in the family room (again.)  The furniture we have was bought when we lived in our old house so I have issues making it work in this house. The good news is that when we finally buy new furniture? I definitely know what will work right for the room since I've moved things around so much!

~ I celebrated the arrival of chilly fall air by making a lasagna for dinner last night. My dad has been in town for the past week so it was nice to share a homecooked meal with him.

~ Son #1's football team (with the coach from hell) won their game on Saturday with a score of 19-7. Despite the win, he barely congratulated the boys after the game because he was too pissed they didn't score any points during the second half of the game so that wasn't acceptable to him. I hate him. I really do.

~ Son #2's football team didn't get the win, despite playing a team that was their size and ability. It was frustrating. But as a team, they looked better this week than during the first game. Maybe next week they'll get their first win.

~ Should I admit that my house is full of Dallas Cowboy fans? No? Well, lots of happy people in my house this morning, especially since (Con)Vick and the Eagles lost realllllly bad. 

~  All hail the power of the Magic Eraser!  I used it last night on the floor of the master bath shower and that combined with bleach spray, has made the shower floor look brand new.  That little sponge is a miracle worker!

September 20, 2012

Pin-imenting ~ Lazy Cookies

I don't know about you, but I find Pinterest slightly annoying.  It's becoming harder and harder to figure out who deserves credit for the original idea/pin.  I have an acquaintance who gets all of her ideas from Pinterest, recreates them, maybe changes a small detail or two, and then repins the idea to Pinterest with a link to her blog and photo. Um, stealing? Are you really that much of a click whore?


This recipe I'm about to post I found on Pinterest. It is not my own, although I did make a few changes. It's a very simple recipe and took less than 5 minutes to mix up.

Take any box cake mix. I used chocolate.

Add two eggs. Then some melted butter.  And mix that with the cake mix.  The batter will be quite stiff. I was surprised how stiff it was so I added about a teaspoon of water to help with the mixing process.

Then I added a cup of mini M&M's (or chocolate chips or peanut butter chips or something else!) to the stiff batter.  Now throw it into a well-greased 9x13 pan and bake.

I ended up baking mine about 4 minutes too long so don't do that ... these should be good to go in 20 - 25 minutes.  They are very much like a brownie with a cake-like taste.

These are definitely a go-to quick and easy dessert idea!

The possibilities are endless.  Strawberry cake mix and white chocolate chips? Use a lemon cake mix for easy lemon bars? Yum!

Lazy Cookies

1 box cake mix, any kind
2 eggs, beaten
5 TB butter, melted
1 c M&M's, mini chocolate chips, etc
(original recipe called for 2 cups - too much, in my opinion!)

Using a 9x13 pan, bake at 350 for 20 - 25 minutes.

September 19, 2012

Good Grades Contract

I'm bribing my kids to get good grades.

This is the first year they will both will get actual letter grades instead of the annoying O, S+, S, or N.  Since my older son is getting up there in age (5th grade) and was showing some lazy tendencies toward the end of the last school year, I decided it was time to sweeten the deal a bit.

I did some searching on the internet for some ideas and this is what I came up with:

Son # 2 came home from school the other day with 3 graded tests.  105 on Spelling, 95 on Reading Comprehension, and an 88 on a Grammar test and he thought he was going to score $25. Umm, no son, $10 for each A on your REPORT CARD.

September 18, 2012

Scenes from a Pep Rally

This is Son #1's team, watching their cheerleaders perform at the pep rally last Friday night.

Sadly, opening game day did not go well and they lost the first game of the season.

While I was sad for the boys, I'm happy the coach was put in his place.  He had been of the mindset that he was the miracle our organization was searching for but he's not. He's just the opposite.  I wonder when others will wake up and see the poison he's spewing all around him.

September 14, 2012


I'm considering starting a new website called "" or maybe one called "narcisstic_"  It seems there are no consequences for a coach who regularly screams profanities directed AT children, even though he's required to sign a code of conduct.  I'm required to sign a code of conduct and they would kick my butt off the field in a heartbeat if I were screaming "Stop being a f*ckin' p*ssy and block your guy!" 

Yes, that was said. Repeatedly. To 10 year olds. Nice, huh?

Reporting the coach to the league only resulted in more drama and zero consequences.  I'm beginning to believe there are no good people involved with children's sports anymore.

It's sad and so frustrating.

(p.s.  Please excuse the language. Rest assured, I do not talk this way. I'm glad it's Friday. I need the weekend to wash this week away!)

September 13, 2012

A Dose of Puppy

Even though he really doesn't look like one anymore. 

My senior kitty had to go to the vet last week and while we were there, someone walked in with a 9 week old German Shepherd.  The boys were all over the poor dog and Son #1 says,

"I wish we could give him a pill so he'd stay small forever!"

My sentiments exactly, son.

September 12, 2012

Boys Are A Different Breed

I wish I had a dime for every time someone asked me if I was going to have another baby so I could have a little girl. As if I couldn't possibly be happy being a mother to two boys. As if somehow just because I gave birth to two boys that I paid my dues and now deserved a little girl. My mother-in-law, I love her, but she was one of the worst offenders.  I lost count how many times she said, "You need to have a 3rd baby so it will be a girl. I need a granddaughter."   I always countered by saying 2 things:

1.  We will have a 3rd baby if we decide it's right for our family.
2.  The odds are not in my favor of having a girl.

She will still bring it up on occasion, despite the fact that my youngest son will turn 8 in about 3 weeks.  I give any woman out there credit if she choses to start all over again ... but I am not one of them.  I am so far removed from diapers and toddlers and daycare, it isn't even funny.  All of my sister-in-laws (3 of them) still have babies and/or children under the age of 4 and while I love my nieces and nephews to pieces, I have zero desire to have one of them in my house full time.  I guess that's when you know you're done, huh?!

I was never so happy when my husband's sister gave birth to a little girl so my mother-in-law would leave me alone!

Boys are all I know.  I get them, for the most part. Little girls scare the heck out of me.  And since I don't have a good relationship with my own mother, I think I'm better off with boys. I was definitely meant to be a mom of only boys.  And that's okay, it really is!

When I was home last week, I made time to throughly clean the boy's bedrooms. Son #1 is verging on being a slob and a pack rat.  Son #2 doesn't enjoy spending time in his room so his room is always neat.

Son #1 likes to play in his room at night when he's supposed to be sleeping:

He even used thumb tacks to secure the ninja turtle to the floor. Hard to tell who's really in trouble here. But since Shaggy is headless and the ninja turtle is holding a sword in a threatening manner, my guess would be the turtle. Poor Shaggy.

September 11, 2012

Football Ramblings

I fear my blog might turn into a football blog.  If it did, that would be really funny because while my life completely revolves around football right now, my knowledge of the sport is horrible.

I watch and cheer my kids on but I'd be lying if I told you I knew what they were supposed to be doing. Or what position they are playing. Half the time I can't keep track of who has the ball.

Lucky for me, my younger son is playing quarterback. That makes it really easy!

This past Saturday we converged upon a semi-local middle school for annual weigh-in day. Since we play in a weighted league, each player must weigh under a certain amount or they cannot play.  My boys had no issues making weight for their teams but a few boys on my older son's team were taking hot showers and starving themselves last week so they could make weight. Two boys had to strip down to their underwear - but they made it!

It's a crazy process but I'm glad we play in a weighted league. It ensures my 52 pound 7 year old playing on a 70 pound isn't being tackled by a 90 pound monster!

I do worry about my older son though.  Some kids on his team (5th and 6th grade) are already starting to hit puberty so they are packing on the pounds and shooting up in height.  But he is not.  Knowing he had to move up to the 105 pound team this year, I tried so hard to put at least 5 pounds on him this summer but it didn't happen.  He weighed in at 83lbs on Saturday.  The 105 pound team is no joke. But he shows no fear and tackles like a freight train.  That has earned him a starting spot on the varsity team. I am proud of him; I just wish he'd gain some weight!

September 10, 2012

Back to School & Work

I took a week long media break.  It was great. It was almost like reliving the early 90's before cells phones and computers were everywhere.  Those were the days, they really were!  Now don't get me wrong, I can't imagine living without a DVR so I really don't want to relive the 90's but it's nice to take a break every now and again.

I spent the week getting my house in order and doing some deep cleaning. You know, those things you never get done.  I washed comforters too. Even did some shopping.  We were supposed to have one last hurrah at the beach but the weather did not cooperate. But that's okay because football still sucks up 90% of our free time!

The boys are back in school and are happy with their teachers and classmates. For now.  We'll see how long this lasts.  We should start to see homework this week. Oh joy!

On the 1st day of school I pretended I was Betty Crocker and made cupcakes for the boys & friends to enjoy when they got home.  Awhile ago I bought a few packets of the new Duncan Hines frosting creation flavors that are available just about everywhere. We tried the bubble gum version.

Since I wanted to get all fancy with my cupcakes, I used my own buttercream icing recipe and simply added the packet to flavor it.

It really does smell and taste like bubblegum.  It tasted okay, I liked it ... the kids ate it but none seemed overly thrilled with it. Know what I mean?

The dog thoroughly enjoyed them too ...

I'm not taking the blame for this.  He was outside when I left for a bike ride and when I got back, I came upon that scene.  The Husband let him back in the house ....  Gunner expertly ate every last crumb out of the silicon liners.  As you can see, he bascially cleaned up after himself too.