August 31, 2012

Summer Homework

I'm not a fan. This has a been huge topic in my Facebook circles this week because everyone is scrambling to get it done. The amount of summer homework seems to vary widely. One friend of mine spent three hours the other night working through a math packet with her kids (1st and 5th grades.)  THREE HOURS and they still aren't done. That is insane. It's summer break. The kids need a break.

My older son has a mandatory reading assignment and has to complete a 3-page report about the book. This is great if your kid enjoys reading but my kid does not. It's an absolute chore to him.  And while I understand the value of reading, I do, forcing "extra reading" is not fun.  And honestly, *I* need the summer to recharge before I have to become the enforcer yet again for another 9 months.

I'm curious as to whether everyone turns in this summer assignment.

His will be turned in ...

but I will confess that I let him use a book he read this past Spring.

Parenting fail? Eh, not in my book.  It's summer break.

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