August 8, 2012

Puppy Update

It's hard to believe he's still a puppy when he looks like this:

especially when he looked like this just 7 weeks ago:

I'm not sure there is anything else to say but DAH-AMN.  He's almost 40 lbs and closing in on my youngest son's weight very, very quickly.  The number one thing people say when they see him is "Look at his paws - they are HUGE!" 

He's going to be a big boy (his daddy was too!)  That's okay. He's very sweet. We love him. He loves going to football practice and he comes home and collapses too. House training is going well. I'm not quite ready to say he's completely house-broken but he's close.  This is good because I'm growing tired of hurdling gates.

As far as my cats, we've made some progress there too.  Instead of mortal enemies, I think we've moved up a notch to just enemies ; )

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