August 17, 2012

Lunch Break Friday #2

I hate Kmart. I really do.  I'm not sure what it is about that place but I'd much rather deal with Walmart then step foot into a Kmart.

But Target, I could live at Target.  In fact, it might be cheaper to do that because then could just make my mortgage payment directly to them.  These days, I don't get out of that store for under $150 which is why I limit my trips there to once or twice a month.

Back to Kmart ... not a fan, but near my place of employment in the city, it's my only option. I went in there looking for some festive paper plates for our upcoming Labor Day BBQ and of course did not find any but I did find these:

Aren't they cute?  You can use them separately or button them together to make a runner.

Guess how much they were ... c'mon, guess!

Original retail price was $12.99 ... I paid $1.37 on clearance.

SCORE!  Thank you, Kmart!

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