August 1, 2012

Lost & Hoping to Find

Ever have anything disappear into thin air?  My son's shoulder pads for football have done just that.  They were in a tote marked "football stuff" (very creative, I know) and we pulled that tote out at the end of June to get the cleats out for the early July workouts and to see if they still fit.  The pads were in the tote at the time.

But then the tote sat in the garage with the pads sitting on top of it and one night, my husband "organized" the garage.  The tote still has all the stuff in it MINUS the shoulder pads. So where the hell did they go?

We have turned the house and garage upside down. We even talked with a neighbor whose kids are always at my house, asking if they accidentally took them home ... nope!

As I see it, there are two explanations:

1.  My husband put them in some super secret spot for some super strange reason.  This would not be an out of the ordinary thing for him to do. One day I'll write about when he "helps" around the house.

2.  Someone took them out of our garage.  If they don't turn up, there is no other explanation.

Maybe if we go buy new pads the old ones will suddenly appear?  Isn't that usually how it works?!


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