August 7, 2012

Football Wreath

I had this idea in my head for awhile.  It happened one day about six months ago while I was shopping and came across this fabulous, soft yarn. To me, it had a grass-like texture to it and I saw the idea in my head. Since I can't knit, sew, or crochet, there isn't much left to do with yarn! 

And since my life is currently all football all the time, it's very apropos.

I started with a white foam wreath and wrapped it with the yarn. And wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.  The yarn was very thin so I would wrap it a few times and then slide it all together so that none of the white foam was showing underneath.

At this point, you can see I was about half way done.  In total, it took me about an hour to wrap the wreath and I did it while watching TV. Multi-tasking makes me happy. I secured the yarn with a simple double knot to make sure it wouldn't unravel.

I apologize for the semi-crappy pictures. I really need to stop using my cell phone to take photos but it's so much easier then using my Sony, finding the camera cord, hoping the computer is working, hoping the internet is working, upload the pictures, etc ... need I say more?

I should probably tell you that my boys thought I was bit weird for doing this. I reminded them that I'm a girl and my interests are different from theirs and I like to do girly things.  And then right after that, my oldest son attempted to use it as a ring toss toy, using his arm as the base - - but he missed and dropped the wreath on the wood floor. Of course it cracked in half, right where the wreath was glued together. Of course!  Was. not. happy. 

Duct tape to the rescue! You would never know it broke. See?

Now, I don't think the scrapbook embellishments I used on the wreath would stand the test of time exposed to the weather or even the high heat of the sun on a front door (which happens to my front door) so this wreath will be hanging on our basement door - which opens into our family room. So it will serve as a seasonal decoration where we can see and enjoy it!

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