August 22, 2012

Football & Moms Don't Always Mix

I'm not saying women do everything better but do you ever wonder, in certain situations, what if a woman had been involved?

I felt that way this weekend at a local Football Jamboree.  A Football Jamboree is when many local teams converge at a large field and play a series of scrimmages. No score is kept.  Typically each teams runs 10 offensive plays and 10 defensive plays and then you switch fields and play a different team. It's good for experience, to see how your team might play during a game. It's also good for tanning. 

Since I'm lucky and have 2 boys playing on 2 different weighted teams, I had the joy of attending the jamboree on Saturday AND Sunday from 10am to 2pm - yes, that's 8 hours of football.

Like I said, I got to work on my tan.

I realize football is a MAN'S sport, but these were 6-7-8 year old boys. They need to eat.  And when they had breakfast around 8am and it's now 1pm and they've been playing football for 3 hours, they are probably hungry and tired.  Why in the world was there not a time slot for a collective break and a snack?!?  After the 3rd game, I was standing with my son on the sideline giving him bites of bagel through his helmet.  He didn't want to stop playing at that point, but he was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g and looking at me like I-NEED-FOOD-NOW!  Who could blame him?!  Thankfully, after the 4th game, our coach called it quits even though they wanted us to play a 5th game.

So after that experience on Saturday, I knew what to expect when we went back on Sunday for my older son.  It was a rough day. Many of the teams we played against were not weighted and many times my son was lined up against a kid that was easily 40lbs heavier than him ... so many parents had some issues with that since we choose to play in a weighted league for a reason!  SIX games and almost 4 hours later, again, no breaks, we were finally done.

I'm not trying to wimp-out my boys, I'm really not (they play football, afterall) but when kids are pushed that hard, that's when injuries happen.  I'm kind of proud (and lucky) that in 10 years of being a parent, I've only been to the ER once.

There were enough teams at the Jamboree that each team should have been able to rotate out for one session, take a rest, and get a quick snack to re-energize.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

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