August 23, 2012

Doggie Treats

We picked up our puppy about 8 weeks ago and while he's still very much a puppy (even though he doesn't look like one), life with Gunner is getting easier.  I'm ready to say he's housebroken. And now I'm praying I didn't just jinx myself ...

He seems to be enjoying the dog food we've chosen to feed him. We are using Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Puppy and mixing in a small scoop of Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free wet puppy food.  We've tried a few of their dog treat varieties as well and he's a huge fan of "jerky" style treats but they are very expensive.  He did not like the Blue Health Bars in the bacon/cheese flavor.

When shopping for dog treats, I decided that if I couldn't pronounce the ingredients then I wasn't buying the treats.  Good in theory but not so good on the wallet. Plus, we tried a few varieties and Gunner didn't seem to like them.

Pinterest to the rescue. More Pinimenting!

I had all but one ingredient in my pantry. How often does THAT happen??

Gunner LOVES them!  Thank you "Come On, Ilene" for the recipe!

Original recipe link:

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