July 24, 2012

Summer Vacation

Last week we went on vacation and did a little of this:

We  visited the Wisp Report in McHenry, Maryland which is surrounded by Deep Creek Lake.  We had a fantastic time and the area was absolutely stunning!  The weather was perfect - high 80's - the entire time we we were there.

We went whitewater rafting on top of a mountain, went ziplining, rode a mountain roller coaster, rented a boat and pulled the boys in a big tube behind the boat.  We even attempted some fishing but we are fishing challenged and in need of some guidance. But hey, we tried!

We also visited Swallow Falls State Park and stood on top of a 60 foot waterfall and looked over the edge ... very cool experience. Not so cool was when I slipped on a wet rock and landed really hard on my elbow and hit my head.  Ouch.  How I didn't break my arm is beyond me. The only thing that broke was my camera!  It's not working right but luckily I did not lose any pictures.  All that time I spent telling the boys to be very careful, it's slippery, etc ... I should have taken my own advice!

I'll share some more pictures soon as I'm still trying to climb out from under Mt. Saint Laundry and getting back into our normal routine.

And normal is about to change. Football starts next week. Four nights a week from 6-8pm ... give me strength!

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