July 12, 2012

My "Forever 39" Store

I'm not a fan of posting anything and everything to Facebook.  Or even posting a ton of pictures, or sharing other people's pictures and links. It becomes too much. Now that Pinterest has emerged fast and furious, it's even worse.  I've blocked my mother-in-law from appearing in my news feed because of the non-stop pointless posting and sharing she does. And I actually LIKE my mother-in-law but she is out. of. control.

Once in a while I come across something that I find really funny or interesting and I will share it.  Yesterday was one of those days!

Considering that a bunch of my friends and I are currently staring our 39th year of existence square in the face, I felt this was extremely appropriate.

Along with yoga pants and wine, my "Forever 39" store would sell cheese, fabulous chocolate, coordinate childcare arrangements, and Magic Mike blue-ray dvds!

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