June 26, 2012

Weekend Kitchen Kapers

I attempted two recipes over the weekend; one turned out good and the other was a huge fail.

I made Watermelon Fudge. Or really, just vanilla fudge made to look like a watermelon slice.  I found the recipe on the Cookies & Cups website (link to your left). I've made 2 ingredient fudge before but never thought to make it to look like a slice of watermelon!

Melt a bag of white chocolate chips and add a can of vanilla frosting.  That's it. And if you have it, add a tsp of watermelon extract (which I did not have).  Then tint some of it green, some of it pink and make sure to leave some white too! First layer the green, then white, then pink.  Then sprinkle with mini choclate chips.  Refrigerate until firm and cut into triangles. So easy and so cute!

The big fail was Cake Batter Ice Cream. I found cute summer-themed small Glad containers and I planned to make single serve cups of ice cream but it didn't work.  I'm not sure if it was the recipe I used or maybe my ice cream "bowl" wasn't cold enough when I put the Cuisnart to work.  The icecream was too soft and all the jimmies I added sank to the bottom ... booooooooo.  It tasted more like ice milk instead of ice cream.  I'll have to play around with the recipe and try, try again!

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