June 22, 2012

Sucky Siblings

I have a much younger brother. I was almost 14 years old when he was born and joined the other 3 of us.  He's been trouble for a variety of reasons most of his life, even dropped out of high school.  The crazy thing is he's smart and he wasted it.  We had intervention after intervention. We backed off, gave him space. He's been given just about every opportunity to help himself but he chooses not too over and over.

He's 26 years old now and still works at a fast food restuarant with zero ambition to do any else but sleep, drink and play hockey. And now he's a married man.

He's been engaged for a few months but rather abruptly decided to get married at a municipal building. And didn't tell his family.  Facebook knew before we did. We're hurt and mad all at the same time. We've done nothing but try to help him, to include him, and this is how he repays us?  Life is hard enough. I think it's a lot harder when you choose to do it without family around to lean on.

You can only give and give so much until it's just not worth it when nothing is given back in return.  I've reached out to him and said this to him.  I'm not expecting a response. As far as I'm concerned, I'm done. It's his move.

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