June 28, 2012

Patriotic Banner

So I did something crafty this week.  Every once in a while the "bug" strikes me and I see something that's relatively easy to do and I do it.  I saw this idea in the June/July 2012 issue of the Family Fun magazine. 

Pretty and festive, right?  Here's how I did it, step by step:

1.  You need 3 bandanas.  They usually come creased perfectly in 4 equal squares so just cut right along the crease lines.  Each bandana will yield 4 squares.

2.  Using some wrinkle spray and an iron, make sure the squares are crisp and flat.  Not for nothing, but Downy Wrinkle Releaser is the best stuff on earth!!

3.  Place a square in front of you and position it like so:

4.  Cross one side over to make the start of a triangle:

5.  Using a strip of seam tape, place it on top like so:

7.  Then fold over the other corner on top of the seam tape and iron well.  Also iron the sides to form a nice creased triangle.

8.  Now take the very top corner and fold it over the top, like you are folding an envelope flap.  Secure with another piece of seam tape and then iron flat. The end result should looke like this and give you a open area to weave the jute through so you can hang your masterpiece! I put the scissors in there so you can see the open area.


9.  Repeat until you have made 12 triangles!

10.  I used jute to string my banner together ... you could also use ribbon or something else.

A few things to note ... I did not measure this.  But I do have 3 extra triangles right now.  I hung it real quick on my fireplace to see how it would  look.  I like it but it's hanging a bit low ... so I might take off a few triangles and play around with the length.  Since the triangles are NOT secured to the jute, you can customize the length to suite your decorating needs.

Also, the directions in the magazine said to use glue dots.  I'm not a fan of glue dots and the seam tape will hold up much better and give you a cleaner, flatter look overall.  So go buy some seam tape if you don't have any laying around.  I can't tell you how many things I've fixed with seam tape!  Sewing? What's that? Just use seam tape.

The total cost for this project was $5.97 ~ for the bandanas. I already had the seam tape and roll of jute on hand.  So go forth and be crafty once in awhile!

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