May 15, 2012

Mean Kids

Son #2 is on the small side. He always has been and it doesn't help that he has a late birthday. He's currently finishing up 2nd grade and he won't turn 8 until after he has started 3rd grade. When it was time for him to start school, we did pause to consider his size, wondering if it would be better to hold him back an extra year. In the end, we decided against it because we didn't want to hold him back academically just becase he was short.

He normally rides the bus to school and one morning at the beginning of the school year, he was getting off the bus and heading into the gym to his classroom line. One of the morning aides stopped him because she thought he was heading to the wrong line. The aide was trying to put him into a Kindergarten line. He was mortified. He kept telling her he was in 2nd grade but she didn't believe him. Finally, another boy from his class noticed the commotion and came over to confirm that yes, he was indeeed a 2nd grader!

Lately his size is becoming more of an issue for other kids. Kids are mean. I really don't remember kids being this mean when I was kid! There are two boys in our neighborhood who are in Kindergarten this year and they are bigger and taller than my son. They like to pick on him, calling him various names.

Last night I had yet another talk with the group of kids who were playing on my front lawn. I asked them to stop the naming-calling, to be nice to one another and to remember how it feels when someone makes a mean comment about you. Then I reminded all of them that just because he's short now, doesn't mean he won't be taller than you some day!

It's times like this I want to throw his success in school in their faces. Childish, I know ... but it's hard to watch your flesh and blood be sad over something he cannot control.

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