May 16, 2012

Busy Girl

I was a woman on a mission this past weekend. My plans for Friday night were hindered when I got home (late) from work and realized I left my purse under my desk in my office.  Have I ever mentioned I drive 17 miles to a train station, park, and then take a 20 minute train ride to work, followed by a short foot commute? No? Well, then you can see the problem this presented!

I was able to get much accomplished this weekend in the yard in preparation for The Event to be held at my house on the 26th.  I'm now officially calling it The Event since it seems as though my husband has invited anyone and everyone he's known since birth.

When we first moved into this house, this fence used to be lined with pine trees. The pine trees actually fell down during the spring of 2009 when it rained for 9 straight days. The ground was just so wet they just fell over. Last spring we finally paid a landscaper to come in and rip out the rest of the stumps, add a french drain and line the back of the fence with river rock to help deal with all the water.  It has helped some but not as much as we hoped.

Anyway, we never planted any bushes or anything until now:

I actually like looking out my kitchen windows now!  Finally, it's done.  I'm sure it will be fun trying to keep the new puppy away from the plants but we'll deal with that when the time comes.

And whoever says cats aren't smart ... hasn't met my cat:

Does she have the life or what?

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