April 10, 2012

More Cat Drama

Last week I was sitting at work, working, when my cell phone rang.  My son was calling to tell me that Tibby was bleeding really bad.  She had been outside but came home and when they let her in, they didn't realize she was bleeding so she left bloody footprints all over the house.  My husband gets on the phone to explain in more detail and said her back foot was messed up and speculated that maybe she stepped on something. So he decided to lock her in the basement.

REALLY??  I suggested maybe a SMALLER place, like a bathroom, might be a better option so we didn't have to clean up cat blood for hours ...

So they moved her to my son's bathroom and then the text messages start. Long story short, I left work for a "cat emergency". I jokingly asked my boss if I was allowed to charge the time off to dependent sick time! Ha! Luckily my boss loves me and found the humor in my question and situation.  Before I headed home, I phoned the vet and they said they would take her as soon as I arrived.

When I got home, I rushed up to the bathroom to see how bad this was. I opened to door to a murder scene.

This picture really doesn't do it justice. And neither does this one.

At some point she must have shaken her foot because blood was also spattered all over the wall. Awesome!  I could see her foot was badly hurt but she wouldn't let me get a good look at it until we got to the vet.

Can you say OUCH!

After an xray, it was determined that she fractured her "digit" or toe and it had to amputated. Yes, amputated! (Just the toe - almost as if she were declawed)  The going theory is that she was jumping off of something, her foot got caught, and she dangled and wiggled until the "digit" broke and freed herself. Poor kitty!

I now refer to her as my million dollar cat because of how much she is costing me, much to the dismay of my husband.  But this was an accident and there was no way to prevent it.  I'm considering mounting a video camera to her body in some way so I can discover what kind of trouble she gets herself into when she's on the prowl.

She is resting comfortably at home but she has one of those collars on so she can't bite at her foot. She just *loves* the collar. Hopefully we can take it off soon.

And I'm hoping for no more vet bills until at least 2013!!

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