April 3, 2012

I Hate Walllpaper!

I'm not sure I can put into words my hatred of wallpaper. I just don't like it. And in my world, I've always been affected by the sins committed by homeowners. In other words, I'm the one stuck trying to REMOVE the wallpaper and praying it was done properly when it was hung. 

In my old house there were 4 rooms full of wallpaper. Over plaster walls. Since the living room walls were in bad shape we opted to tear down the ceiling completely and went right over the plaster walls with quarter-inch drywall. Seriously, what a mess. I actually moved out the week this was done! We never did get to the 4th room (we used as an office) and the ugly navy, maroon and green paisley wallpaper that cruely adorned the walls before we ended up selling the house. While house hunting the second time, there were quite a few homes that we instantly walked  out of when we saw how  much wallpaper was in the home!  I refused to deal with it!

The house we ended up buying had a tolerable amount of wallpaper in it. My son's bedroom had a border about 2/3 of the way up the wall around the entire room.  Not great, but not awful.  And the boys's bathroom had a wallpaper border as well.  All of that has been dealt with and scraped off the walls.

But one room was still haunting me ... the powder room. Yes it's a small and insignifcant room but with floor to ceiling wallpaper and a border around the top, it was still there, almost laughing at me, reminding me of what I would have to do some day.  Well, that day has arrived:

Yes, the room does look a bit pink.  The aztec cream wallpaper with pink, mint green and yellow "brush" marks isn't helping. And neither is the MATCHING counter top. Seriously. You would never know my house was built in 1999. What in hell were they thinking?

I did make an interesting discovery though ... I can see pencil-written measurements so this means the walls were never painted and the wallpaper was hung before the original owners moved in (they had the house built - we are the second owners.)  Either the builder hung the wallpaper or they had someone come in to do it before the mirror was hung and before the toilet was installed. Yes, just my luck - it's behind the toilet too.

I'm making progress but it's slow going. And now I have a blister on my hand from all the scraping.
 Fun times! 

Does anyone want to come help?  I'll pay you. I make good brownies!

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