April 5, 2012

Boys Love Hammers

Okay, so someone didn't steal my fireplace. My husband ripped it off the wall. Most people sleep at 4am. But not my husband. His sleep schedule is whack thanks to his job so he decided to make good use of his time. This is all my fault though. I've wanted to install hardwood floors since we moved into this house. It's been 3.5 years and finally, that time has come. I AM SO EXCITED!

The hardwood floor has been bought.  750 pounds of hardwood flooring is currently resting in my living room!  Before we can install it, we wanted to refinish the fireplace and mantel.  When all is said and done, our TV will now be hanging above the fireplace - a gas fireplace we don't use. We should just get rid of it but wow, that would be a lot more work so we'll just leave it where it is and enjoy looking at a renovated mantel.

The boys and I got to work on the old marble that was around the fireplace.  Right after I snapped this picture I realized we should be wearing eye-protection ... so don't worry, no one was harmed and everyone still has their sight. It's save to say the boys *loved* destroying a piece of the house. I have now hidden all the hammers.

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