March 23, 2012

Excuses, Excuses!

I know. I still haven't posted party pictures. Huge fail. Now it almost seems anti-climatic .... This unexpected surge of warm spring air has made me want to be anywhere but inside the house near a computer.  Over the weekend I began to pull weeds and even put my spring planter out on the front porch, where a pretty yellow primrose now has a home.  I even dusted off the bike and went for a long ride. I'm happy to report I'm not that out of shape because I was able to walk the following day!

My boys want to open the pool. They are insane. I must keep reminding them it's only March, this is New Jersey and it still could snow.  But they think *I* am the insane one.  I've seen April snow. It can happen!

So far, so good on the cat front. She has not peed in the house since before our vet visit. I've been adding some water to her wet food hoping to increase her overall water intake.  She spends a lot of time outside (her choice) but I'm aware she likely isn't eating or drinking while she's gone so that could be part of her "crystal" problem.  Both kitties have been transitioned to the new grain-free food and both are eating it! My only complaint is the aroma - it has a strong smell.  But it's better for their health so I'll deal with it.

My birthday is this weekend. Yay? Another year closer to 40 ... ugh.  That number is staring me square in the face.  The good news is I will be seeing The Hunger Games this weekend! I read all 3 books early last year and turned my sister on to them so now she's excited to see the movie too. I hope it lives up to all the hype!

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