February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was a long one. The kids were off from school on Friday and Monday and luckily I was able to take a long weekend too. By last night, however, the boys had their fill of each other and were fighting over every little thing you could imagine. Is it wrong to dream about the school bus picking them up?

On Friday I took the boys and their friend to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. We saw it in 3D. It's a really great family-friendly movie. No one had any complaints and they kept talking about the movie all weekend.

Saturday was spent at Tar-jay ... what is it about that store?!  I can get lost in there for HOURS. Hours!  Then the hubby and I managed to sneak out for dinner with friends for a late dinner that night. We had an excellent meal, good drinks and good company!

Sunday started my descent into birthday party mode. Cleaning up the house, getting some things in order and finalizing a grocery shopping list.  My baby is turning 10!  Saturday evening he is celebrating with  friends while swimming at a local community center. Sunday afternoon the family arrives to celebrate ... I should be exhausted by 7pm Sunday night!

I have already started decorating the house. I know, it's a bit early, but my kids enjoy the extra time with the decorations. I'm hoping it becomes a cherished childhood memory for them. This will be his third football-themed birthday party. He's obsessed. It's crazy. And I'm running out of ideas to spice it up!

Anyway, my very talented sister is making his cake. She "loves" me ... I send her a picture, make changes and/or give her my idea and more or less tell her to accept the challenge. And she does and it's always great!  My great contribution will be cut-out football cookies decorated with royal icing. Oh, and all of the food my family will be consuming!

Wish me luck!

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