February 15, 2012

Bare Walls No More

We moved into this house over three years ago. And when we first moved in, the walls were a putrid shade of goldish-yellow. Really bad. And to make matters worse, there was a rusty orange colored accent fireplace wall. I could have possibly accepted this color combination IF the house had been decorated in a Aztec theme but it was not. We lived with it for almost a year before I hired a painter to make it all go away.

It took me forever to decide what color to paint. Since my kitchen (with light-colored cabinets) and family room are one giant room, I decided I could get away with a  darker color paint because the back of the house is essentially all windows and a patio door. I don't regret the color choice for my kitchen - it works for now, until we decide to replace or reface the cabinets. But the family room ... ugh ... it's the bane of my existence.

Anyway, for three years I've struggled with what to do with this wall. I'd LOVE to get new furniture (this set is now 10 years old) but we don't have the funds at this time.

Awful, right? That's A LOT of space to cover!

After trying a few different things and furniture arrangements, I decided that a picture frame wall mural was the way to go.  I measured the middle spot of the wall and just went for it ... $130 in picture frames later.

Surprisingly, it only took me about an hour to hang all of the frames and I had SIX boys in my house wreaking havoc in the basement and a sleeping husband while I tackled this wall project.  I could add 2-3 more frames on either side of this in the future if I want - there is still plenty of room. However, I'm afraid that might be overkill. We'll see, I guess!

Two hours and countless interruptions after I finished hanging the frames is when I finished putting some beloved pictures in the frames. I had planned on putting some of the boy's artwork in a frame or two but the artwork I've saved just wasn't going to fit into the right frame and I didn't want to cut or alter the artwork.

The three big frames are being reserved for yet-to-be-taken pictures of my boys this coming spring. I have a photo shoot with a local photographer all planned out in my head!

Next up:  Powder Room redo

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