February 1, 2012

27 Days

That's how many days until my oldest child turns ten years old.



How in the world did that happen? Wasn't he just a baby, born four weeks early? He was just five pounds when I brought him home from the hospital. Nothing I had fit him. My mom ran out to buy a few preemie outfits so not everything looked ridiculously big on him.

Other birthdays have come and gone and none have bothered me as much as this one. He's changed so much this the past year. I think he's officially a "tween" now, attitude and all, God help me.  He's in such a rush to grow up despite my pleading that it really isn't all it's cracked up to be - enjoy your youth, son!

We can officially share shoes, if by chance he wanted to wear heels! By next year, I expect him to be as tall as I am (I'm barely 5' 4")  All of it, is really making me sad. Despite all those times I wasn't sure we'd make it through the day - ten years went by really, really fast.

Slow down, kid ... please?

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