January 24, 2012

Shutterfly Rocks!

We visited Disney World and LegoLand (Florida) in November 2011. The last time we went to Disney was in 2006 when my youngest son was just 2 years old. A return trip was very overdue so I was finally able to twist the husband's arm into going. He's not a huge fan but I tried to remind him that this time the trip would be so different! No diapers! No strollers! No naps being skipped!  I'm here to tell you that he actually enjoyed himself and he said I was right! I know - get that in writing, right?!

Anyway, I'm currently behind in my scrapbooking (starting Christmas 2010 soon!) and I took SO MANY PICTURES during our trip that I know it would be almost impossible to properly scrapbook, let alone when that might occur ... so I went to Shutterfly to take a look at their photobook options.

Have you used Shutterfly lately?  I've created a photobook or two in the past but it's probably been about two years since I've done one.  WOW the options have changed. It is completely and utterly customizable now. I was really surprised with how many things you could do with it! 

I decided to do 2 separate books, one for LegoLand and one for all things Disney.

This one is for LegoLand (8x11 book) was quicker to do since I didn't take a gazillion pictures!  I made sure to order the book when the photobooks were on sale (like right now) and I had a $20 credit sitting on my account thanks to a special offer from the company who took my kid's school pictures this fall. I paid $18 shipped for this book! And it looks FANTASTIC! It arrived over the weekend.

This is the mammoth Disney book. It's the normal 20 page 8x11 book with an additional 29 pages. I know, I went crazy.  This one probably took me a total of 12 hours to do.  The photobooks are still on sale so instead of $63, I paid $51 and then, yes, I had another $20 credit sitting on my account.  I added in 15 prints to this order so my total for the prints and the book came to $35.78 - shipped free.  I just ordered it today.

The boys are already loving the LegoLand book so I can't wait to get the Disney book so they can visually relive our wonderful trip!


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