January 10, 2012

Saving Money, One Grocery Trip at a Time

Every once in awhile I do really well at the grocery store. I'm a Shop Rite girl but keep my eye on Acme's weekly ads as well. I find Acme to be much more expensive than other grocery stores. Because of that, I only look at the front and back page of their weekly ad since that it where the best deals will be listed.

I'm glad I looked at their current ad! Here was my haul:

4 boxes of Hamburger Helper
2 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit snacks
2 cans of Green Giant Low Salt canned corn
1 Gogurt box
1 Trix yogurt 6 pack
8 Lean Cuisine meals, various

All for $17.96. See?

The hamburger helper, fruit snacks and yogurt were all on sale plus Acme was offering an additional $5 if you bought 10 items (4+2+2+1+1)   On top of that, I stacked coupons for the HH (.80 off 4), fruit snacks (.50 off 2) and yogurt (.75 off 2), saving an additional $4.10 since Acme actually doubles the value of a coupon.

The Lean Cuisines are normally priced at $4.79 (what a rip-off! NEVER buy them at that price) and were on sale for $2.00, while 3 varieties I purchased rang up at $1.88. I also had a $1 off the purchase of any 5 Lean Cuisine meals.

I saved 64%. I would have paid $49.51 if I had bought these items when they weren't on sale and didn't use coupons. Fifteen minutes worth of planning saved me $31.35. Maybe I will get to St. Lucia one day after all!

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